Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vallipura Aazhvaar Kovil, Point Pedro, Jaffna

Vallipura Aazhvaar Kovil is one of the famous Hindu temples of Sri Lanka, dedicated for God Vishnu, located near the northern tip of Jaffna peninsula, about 3 km off Point Pedro in the Eastern Coast. The sanctum sanctorum (prime holy room /"karuvaRai"/"garbha-griha") consists a "Chakram" (wheel) that is believed to be found at the near by KatkOvaLam beach where the famous annual sea side water cutting festival ("kadal theerththam") of the temple is celebrated, drawing thousands of devotees.

Naturally the temple's surrounding areas have got unique features such as a pond where holy white clay ('thiru maNN' or 'naamam') is found and many Palmyra palms with branches in the vicinity.

Branched Palmyra Palms

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