Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yarra trams, Melbourne

Tram is the most common mode of public transport in Melbourne and Yarra Trams is the sole operator. Melbourne has got the largest tram network in the world with 249 kilometres of double track. Everywhere in the city you can see web of cables powering the trams and roads shared with tram tracks.

Among the trams, the W class wooden beasts of 1950s are my favourites. A number of them are serving the tourists on the city circle loop offering free hop-on and hop-off tours around the city. I addition, three such classic trams are also operating as 'The Colonial Tramcar Restaurants' which require reservations at least one month in advance and under 5 years old babies are not allowed.

Classic W class tram offering free City Circle service

Z3 class Australian built tram

D2 class tram (made in Germany)

C1 class tram (made in France)

C2 class tram / BumbleBee (made in France)

Yarra Tram
E class tram

Web of tram power-lines

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