Sunday, June 7, 2015

Williamstown Sunrise

My friends and I were shooting sunsets for long time and a sunrise photoshoot didn't get enough votes during our photography planning meetings. Only a month ago we all agreed to break our routine and to try shooting a sunrise. Our first attempt along the Yarra river did not return expected results due to cloud coverage. Yet we were determined and did not give up.

We chose Williamstown as the location for our second attempt and left homes at 3:00 am on a cold morning. We reached Williamstown by 4:00 am and had plenty of time to shoot night shots of the Melbourne's skyline, pier, and empty street views.

We positioned ourselves at the chosen locations by 5:30 am and waited for the dawn. This time we reaped the benefits of long waiting and witnessed a colourful  moments of sunrise as expected. No need to say, my camera shutter activation count increased by 100 within few minutes.

Melbourne at dawn
Melbourne's skyline at dawn


Melbourne sunrise
Sunrise and the skyline