Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Footscray Park

Footscray Park is one of the greenest park near Melbourne (about 8 km from the city), located on the south bank of the Maribyrnong River. The park is known for its plant collection, ornamental ponds, garden structures that blend very well with the nature, and some wildlife. With BBQs, benches, and scenic beauty, it is an ideal place for a week-end outing for families and friends.

Footpath along Maribyrnong River

View from Maribyrnong Boulevard

Footpath through the path and structures

An ornamental pond

An Eastern Great Egret

  • From Footscray railway station cross Hopkins street and walk till the far end of Moore street for about 450m and, cross Ballarat road for the park's entrance.
  • 2 hour car parking slots available along Maribyrnong Boulevard (unpaved).

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