Saturday, April 20, 2013

Venue arrangement for good photos - Dos and Don'ts

Front view

Chosing the backdrop (or the wall behind)
  • Chose backdrop colour that provides a decent level of contrast - not too much and not too low, and matches with the theme - if any.
  • Backdrop large enough to cover the background (i.e, large enough for group-photos, and goes well behind the intended decorations)
  • Avoid colours that dominate or too-eye-catchy
  • Avoid reflective/shiny backdrop
  • Avoid folded clothes if you have got other decorations in the background

Head table (if any)
  • Chose a table of moderate size 
  • Keep enough space in front of the table for the photographer to cover the event
  • Maintain a good level of symmetricity 
  • Avoid clutter with too many things on the table
  • Avoid head table locations with view blockers (guest tables, pillars in front, beams above, etc), in a dark corner, or near places where lots of people might gather for other purposes (e.g. food table, children's play area)
Plan view

  • Maintain symmetricty, colour balance, and the theme (if any)
  • Place decorative items beside the head table in right places (not too far away from the table, or too close to block views or hide behind the people
  • Avoid blocking views with decorations

Guest tables arrangement
  • Leave space for the photographer (not within or close to the triangle marked in Pic. 2)
  • Maintain some level of symmetricity 

Other tips
1. Decide the shots you would like to have in advance and discuss with the photographer
2. Give ample time for the photographer and corporate with him/her
3. Show the venue in advance to the photographer (e.g., by sending few photos of the location taken with a camera phone)
4. Take photos well before getting tired. It is better to take family photos before the function starts. 

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