Monday, July 14, 2014

Winter Fireworks at Docklands

One of the attractions of Melbourne during the winter months is the Friday fireworks at Docklands. During the months of July and August, quite a number of spectators and photographers flock to Docklands on Friday evenings to enjoy the 10 minutes fireworks that starts at 7:00 pm (Note: 7:30 pm as of 2015). Each Friday firework generally has a different theme and there are a number of vantage points so that repeating visitors do not get bored. In addition, the waterfront city also keeps its visitors entertained with music, shows, and restaurants.

Here are my captures of winter fireworks of 2014:

Docklands Winter Fireworks 2014

Docklands Winter Fireworks 2014

Docklands Winter Fireworks 2014

I played with:
 - Shutter speeds long enough to capture the launch and explosion of fireworks (3s ~ 5s),
 - Low ISO to minimise noise and sufficient enough to capture the background scene in the darkness (e.g., ISO 200), and
 - Moderate aperture for sufficient exposure and depth of field (around f/8). 

* No settings guarantee great shots as the number of explosions within the exposure time and light they produce vary all the time.
* Fireworks might be cancelled if bad weather is predicted.

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