Saturday, September 13, 2014

Flowering Canola Fields

As I missed to shoot any flowering canola field last spring due to a miscalculation, this time I relied on multiple information sources instead of few, and started my search for suitable locations much earlier. Especially a thread I started on received very useful responses with up-to-date field information. Based on that I marked Truganina, Point Wilson, Little River, Lara, Bacchus Marsh, and Anakie as potential locations to shoot flowering canola fields. 

My first visit to canola fields in late August resulted with not so great shots due to haze. Yet it helped me a lot to plan my second trip in detail during early September. Here are few shots of flowering canola fields taken during my second trip: 

Canola field

Canola field

Canola field

And, here is a bonus shot sans canola on my way back home:


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