Monday, October 13, 2014

St. Kilda at Night

St. Kilda is one of my favourite locations in Melbourne, especially to play with my photographic gears. The beautiful sandy beach, walking trail, palm fringed road, pier with kiosk, boats and yachts, great view of Melbourne's skyline, and little penguins all give lots of opportunities to press the shutter release.

When we had to choose a location at the last minute for a Friday night photo-walk, we chose St. Kilda unanimously. Though just missed the sunset by the time we reached there, we were not disappointed. Here are the sample shots of the night:

St. Kilda
St. Kilda Pier and Pavilion

St Kilda
St. Kilda Pavilion

St Kilda
Another perspective of St. Kilda Pavilion

Melbourne Skyline
Melbourne skyline at night

St Kilda
St. Kilda Jetty and Melbourne skyline

St. Kilda pier
St. Kilda Pier and Pavilion

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